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Game Selection: A Foundational Poker Skill

In order to give yourself the greatest opportunity to be the best poker player you can be, it is important to select the right game for you. Once you have determined the poker game that best suits you, if you desire, you can immerse yourself in a variety of ways to learn that poker game, such as poker school, developing your skills with online poker and entering poker tournaments. Selecting the right poker game is a critical poker skill and one that serves as the foundation for your continued poker success.

There are
many different poker games and each brings its own set of nuances that lend itself to suit particular poker skills. Some games, such as 5 card draw, are fairly easy to learn and therefore, are popular with the masses. The less cards you play with naturally restrict the myriad of card combinations that can either provide you with a win or loss on that particular hand. Online poker and picking a poker tournament that features these particular games, as is the case with all the varieties of poker, allows you to gain the experience to become proficient at whatever game you choose.

However, there are other games that demand more focus because the cards in hand are of greater quantity. Seven card stud or draw fits the definition of this category of poker. The extra two cards (seven as opposed to five) create additional opportunities to make a winning hand. Where two pair or three of a kind may result in success for a five card draw hand, this is not assured with a seven card hand due to those extra two cards offering the opportunity to create extra chances to make better hands. Again, a poker school or online poker with its abundance of poker tournaments allows the player to hone the skills necessary for success.

Unfortunately, the two mentioned games only scratch the surface of the poker games that you will have to consider in selecting the poker game that is right for you. Texas holdem, Omaha, Omaha high-low, Stud, Stud high-low, and 2-7 single and triple draw are variations of poker that you might want to consider as you make a selection of what poker game is right for you.

Whatever choice you make, determining the correct game for you is essential in order for you to be successful in your poker pursuits.

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